Outside Study / Study Abroad


The list below include Fellowships in the area of study abroad.

Buckman Scholars: Initiated in 2003 by a generous gift from the family of Robert H. Buckman, the Buckman Scholarships for Study Abroad provide opportunities for outstanding students from any academic discipline to study abroad for a fall or spring semester (or for an entire academic year).  The purpose of this merit-based scholarship is to provide students with a stimulating academic experience in a setting outside of the United States.  In the context of that experience, it is expected that students will not only continue to develop academic competencies related to their particular field of study, but also gain a greater sense of cultural understanding, appreciation, and enrichment by living and studying abroad.

Center for Hellenic Studies-Greece Summer Internship: The Center for Hellenic Studies, a research institute of Harvard University, sponsors this program for Harvard undergraduates and students from colleges and universities in Greece. The CHS, however, is interested in expanding the program to include undergraduates from other institutions in the United States. (Terms of participation appear below in Appendix A.) Internships at the CHS′s facility in Nafplion, Greece begin with a weeklong orientation on the culture of Greece. Interns then work in pairs (one American and one Greek student) for four weeks at one of the cultural institutions in Nafplion or Athens. These include the Nafplion Archaeological Museum, the Peloponnesian Folklore Museum, the Annex of the National Gallery, and the Fugaro Cultural Center. During the internship, students receive daily, immersive instruction in Modern Greek. The internship experience also features a series of excursions including weekend trips to Athens and Olympia. For more information about the program go to http://www.chs-internships.org/blog/internships/nafplion. For descriptions of the internships go to: http://www.chs-internships.org/blog/internship-descriptions-nafplion

Rhodes College/Oxford University London Stage Research: The Rhodes/Oxford London Stage Research Fellowship combines experiential learning abroad at Oxford (two weeks in August 2011) with a year-long research fellowship at Rhodes.  Fellows will receive mentoring and supervision from Rhodes professor Vanessa Rogers.  Two Fellows will travel with Dr. Rogers to Oxford University for training with the Dean of New College, Dr. Michael Burden, who supervises the groundbreaking international London Stage 1800-1900 database project. The London Stage database addresses fundamental questions in the study of 19th-century theatrical practice, focusing on five key themes: nationalism and cosmopolitanism in English Opera; adaptation and authorship in words and music; institutional and economic history of theatre; the roles of women on and off stage; and performance issues, including the study of dance. Students will receive two weeks of training with Dr. Burden and Oxford Digital Libraries, and will begin work on this database while interacting with members of the Oxford community.  There will be time for independent exploration while in Oxford, and two days are set aside in London to experience live theatre. When the students return to campus, they will continue their work as paid research assistants for 5 hours a week with Dr. Rogers on The London Stage database.