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The GIS Lab is located in Frazier Jelke 132-E. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to visit the GIS Lab and use the lab computers, and receive assistance on GIS projects. A Rhodes Student Associate is available during the posted hours to assist with GIS questions.

Please direct e-mail inquiries to during the academic year.

Please note that the large-format printer is no longer located in the GIS Lab. It is now located in the Digital Media Lab.


Hours of Operation

Mondays: 7-10 PM

Tuesdays: 7-10 PM

Wednesdays: Closed

Thursdays: 4:30-6:30 PM

Fridays: 12-5 PM

Saturdays: Closed

Sundays: 7-11:30 PM




Sarah Boyle (Faculty)

Peter Hossler (Faculty)

Andrew Tait (Rhodes Student Associate)

Maraia Tremarelli (Rhodes Student Associate)


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GIS Announcements

Congratulations to Brooke Rose ′16, Sara Rodriguez ′16, and Taylor Sieben ′15 for winning awards at the 2014 Mid-South GIS Conference! Read more


Congrats to Rhodes Student Associate Andrew Tait ′15 for receiving a runner-up award for the EnerGIS scholarship!


Congratuations to Alix Matthews ′14, Maraia Tremarelli ′15, and Mary DuBose ′14 for winning awards at the Mid-South GIS Conference! Read more.


Congratuations to John Menz ′14, Roberta Moore ′14, and Alison Lang ′13 for awards they received at the Mid-South GIS Conference in November. Read more.


Adam Alsamadisi ′12 attended the ESRI conference in San Diego in July. He presented "Greening the Memphis Zoo with GIS," coauthored by Andy Kouba (Memphis Zoo) and Sarah Boyle (Rhodes College).


Congratulations to Becky Vandewalle and Allie Dillon for winning 2nd and 3rd place in the Map Contest at the Mid-South GIS Conference in November!  


Join the Memphis Area Geographic Information Council (MAGIC), a local not-for-profit organization. It is a great opportunity for students to learn about GIS in the professional world, and to network with local GIS users.


Join the "GIS at Rhodes" Facebook group to learn more about GIS opportunities in the Memphis region.


A grant from GeoTech has provided the GIS Lab with five new GPS units for use by students. Read more.


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