Parking & Entrance Gates


Once you arrive on campus, you′ll be directed to visitor parking and the Office of Admission, which is located in the main lobby of Burrow Hall. If you have a disability that requires accommodations while visiting, please contact Admissions (800-844-5969)¬†at least a week before your visit. We will make every effort to assist you.

Bailey Lane
(open every day, 24 hours)

Enter second public driveway (third gate)—right turn off University Street. Turn left to follow Bailey Lane around the Barret Library and behind the gym, then turn right for more parking between the Bryan Campus Life Center and McCoy Theatre.

Philips Lane
(open M-F, 7am-6pm and for special events)
First right turn off University Street, visitor parking on all sides.

North Parkway
(open for some special events)
Enter from North Parkway and park in the large lot to your right (nearest the residence halls). Some spaces are reserved for the campus community. Please consult our campus maps, and contact Campus Safety with any questions.