Strategic Planning Committees

Steering Committee
Marjorie Hass, President, Chair
J. Carey Thompson, Vice President for Enrollment and Communications, Co-chair
Amy Jasperson, Associate Professor of Political Science, Chair of New Revenues   Workgroup
Milton Moreland, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Co-chair of New       Revenues Workgroup
David McCarthy, Professor of Art, Chair of Campus Footprint Workgroup
Russ Wigginton, Vice President for Student Life, Co-chair Campus Footprint
Marshall Boswell, Professor of English, Chair of Student Body Size and Composition     Workgroup
Gordon Bigelow, Professor of English
Carole Blankenship, Associate Professor of Music
Steve Haynes, Professor of Religion
Timothy Huebner, Professor of History
Loretta Jackson-Hayes, Professor of Chemistry
Bernadette McNary-Zac, Associate Professor of Religion
Mary Miller, Professor of Biology
Leslie Petty, Associate Professor of English
Darrell Ray, Interim Vice President for Student Life
Mel Richey, Executive Assistant to the President
Sherry Turner, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Jenna Goodloe Wade, Vice President for Development
Kyle Webb, Vice President for Finance
Thomas Mitchell ’18, RSG President
Spencer Beckman ’19, RSG President
Aylen Mercado ’19, Student Representative
Tony Eskridge ’20, RSG President

Student Body Size and Composition
Carey Thompson, Vice President for Enrollment and Communications
Marshall Boswell, Professor of English
Michael Morgan, Director of Financial Aid
Matt Dean, Associate Director of Athletics
Noelle Chaddock, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Betsy Sanders, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Jessica Rodriguez, Director of Rhodes Express
Noor Jaber ’21
Catrina Cattaneo ’18

Boundaries and Footprint
Russ Wigginton, Vice President of Student Life and Dean of students
David McCarthy, Professor of Art History
Kendra Hotz, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Michelle Mattson, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Brian Foshee, Director of Physical Plant
Tiffany Ford, Director of the Kinney Program
Vanessa Rogers, Associate Professor of Music
Kyle Webb, Vice President of Finance and Business Affairs
Erika Fanous ’19
Mallika Rao ’20

New Programs and Revenue
Milton Moreland, Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Amy Jasperson, Associate Professor and Chair of Political Science
John Bass, Director of the Curb Institute
Sasha Kostina, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literature
Sandi George Tracy, Director of Career Services
Jeff Norris, Director of Admission
Nikki Soule, Director of Planned Giving
Nikos Zahariadis, Professor of International Studies
Will Jirik ’18
Georgios Falegkos ’19