Photography Permission

As many know, Rhodes has a beautiful campus. We get numerous requests to allow commercial photography on the grounds. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate all such requests. Unscheduled photography of a commercial nature is not allowed on the campus. Campus Safety will not allow access to campus and/or will ask photographers without a scheduled appointment to leave campus. 

Commercial photography sessions such as wedding portraits (or any other personal portrait or still-life photography) will be accommodated for the following:

  • Alumni and their immediate family
  • Faculty and staff and their immediate family

To request access to campus for a photoshoot, please follow these guidelines:

  1. All requests must be scheduled at least one week in advance through the College Events and Scheduling Office.
  2. The photographer and subject/s must complete Hold Harmless Agreements prior to the shoot.
  3. Once the photoshoot is approved, the Office of College Events and Scheduling will identify outdoor locations on campus for these photography sessions that do not interfere inappropriately with the life of the college and will provide an approval email.
  4. The approval email must be printed out and brought to campus on the day of the shoot.

No indoor photography allowed. 

Click here to access the form.