1949-1984: Southwestern At Memphis

1949 Dr. Peyton Nalle Rhodes becomes President of the College.

Comprehensive exams are required.

Phi Beta Kappa chapter installed.

First freshmen orientation takes place.

1950  First Art courses are offered on campus.   

Office of Development is established.

Pres. Diehl’s green hat is used as softball trophy.

1951    January 5 – Groundbreaking for Burrow Library. 

Jessie L. Clough Art Memorial for Teaching is given by Floy K. Hanson.

Dec 15. Homecoming Basketball Game; Football not played because of Korean War.

Lynx Lair relocates from basement to the first floor of Neely Hall.

April  - First Zeta Tau Alpha Talent Night. 

1952       First studio art class offered.

College Day for Prospective Students

 Psi Chi Psychology Honor Society installs chapter

Television in Voorhies Hall a women’s residence hall

1953       Balcony added to Neely Hall in refectory.

Burrow Library Dedicated.

1954       Singers perform with the Saint Louis Orchestra.

1955       Fargason Fieldhouse demolished.

Flagpole gift of Class of 1955.

Grant of $35000 from Carnegie Corp funds International Studies Program.

1956    Fred Pultz is the first director of the Presbyterian Guidance Center which eventually will become the Counseling Center

December 18 - Ellett Residence Hall dedicated.

Southwestern wins the Orgill Bowl in the first SAM-Sewanee competition. 

 Southwestern is one of ten liberal arts college to receive a $30,000 grant from The Danforth Foundation of St. Louisto develop among other goals, practical Christian service projects. The Danforth Program for Christian Service is founded and will later become the Kinney Program. 

Dr. M. L. MacQueen ’19 becomes the first holder of the E. C. Ellett Chair of Mathematics.

1957       First Parent’s Day

 College Board Examination first used for admissions

Third Floor of Palmer air-conditioned and other buildings

Betty Friedan article in Readers Digest on the Inst. of Exec Leadership

1958       Voorhies Hall gets inner spring mattresses

September – Computer used in registration process  SW 9/16

1959       Art major and the I. S. Department are approved

1960       Holly Garden is gift of the Garden Club of Memphis

1961       Bellingrath and Townsend Halls are dedicated 

1962       College Athletic Conference chartered  Logo

June 2 - Moore Moore Infirmary dedicated

Gooch Hall erected and dedicated October 22, 1981

October 17 - Richard Halliburton Tower dedicated

1963       April - Sigma Pi Sigma, student chapter of the American Institute of Physics   

Alaska solar eclipse expedition by Physics Department

April 19 - Halliburton Tower bell rings for first time   

October - Wilson O. Forrest, first safety officer, is hired

1964       Day students enrolled without regard to race

First football game on new Fargason field   SAM won 28 to 7 against Centre

Students demonstrate for racial integration in Memphis Presbyterian Churches

February 27 - President Emeritus Charles Edward Diehl dies.                

Board of Directors establishes Sabbatical Leave Program for faculty

Mortar Board installed

1965       Dr. Peyton N. Rhodes retires

Dr. John David Alexander becomes president.  

May 19 -Halliburton Tower hit by lightning for first time

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Hyde give $125,000 to build a women′s gym

Kappa Delta All Sing tapes aired on 53 radio stations  

Burrow Library gets first photocopier a  Xerox 914

Mastodon unearthed in excavation for Frazier Jelke

1966       May 2 - The Thomas W. Briggs Student Center dedicated. Includes the Language center, bookstore, lounge and office space for student groups

1967       Men win 1966-67 CAC Overall Champions title  (SWN June 1967, p5)

First Briggs Student Center Film Festival

Library of Congress system adopted for Library

An IBM 1620 is the first computer given to college

1968       Pass/fail allowed

Saturday classes dropped

May 2 - Alfred C. Glassell Hall dedicated                

October 19 - Dedication Frazier Jelke Science Center, Kennedy Chemistry Hall, Buckman Library

Library stayed open to midnight for first time

Wearing a coat and tie for dinner rule abolished

1969       S. Dewitt Clough Hall groundbreaking

Social Regulations Council formed

Women′s dorm curfew ends

Black Student Association founded. 40th year Celebration in 2009 brought past and present BSA presidents together: Herman Morris ’73, Russell Wigginton ’88, Bernal Smith’94, Amanda Abrams Johnson ’03, first BSA president Julian Bolton ’71, Leonard Curry ’02, Tevari Burler ’08, Cord McLean ‘09, Simone Simmons ’10 and Marissa Scales ’11.  1970      

Prof. Yerger Hunt Clifton creates the British Studies at Oxford summer program.

Dr. William Lukens Bowden becomes president. 

College sells Galloway Mansion; music moves to Stewart Hall

1970       October 14 – Clough Hall dedicated.  Contains the Clough Hanson Art Gallery

1971       Men′s soccer team organized

Service learning course initiated by students

Ruth Sherman Hyde Memorial Gymnasium for Women dedicated

1972       Women′s Varsity Tennis team formed

College radio station, WLYX, first broadcast

1973       Women′s Studies Course taught for first time

Black Studies Course taught for first time

James H. Daughdrill, Jr. inaugurated as the 18th president

1975       Golden Anniversary of opening in Memphis 

Sou′wester publishing halted by College because of "irresponsible journalism"

First annual Whiteball Competition

1976       Frank E. Seidman Distinguished Award in Political Economy

M. L. Seidman Town Hall Lecture Series

Tennis courts restored with a gift from William B. Dunavant, Jr. 

Mortar Board opens membership to men

1977    Dedication of Alburty Swimming Complex  

Rare book by Thomas Jefferson found in Burrow Library

Biology Department gets electron microscope.

First prospective students weekend.

Digital computer replaces old IBM.  “DEC PDP 11/70 purchased with $200000 with 18 terminals    placed around the campus for use in teaching, research and management.  “The plan was to interconnect with other college to share information.”  Dr. Charles Lemond, ‘70

1978     Seven buildings named to National Register of Historic Places:  Palmer Hall, Ashner Gateway, Kennedy Hall, Neely Hall and kitchen, Robb Hall, White Hall and Harris Memorial Lodge

 Women’s soccer played as a club sport

 First annual BSA dinner held

Rugby played with a Memphis Club

 Harry B. McCoy Visiting Artists Program begins

April 12, 1978  - First Awards Convocation held

April 25, 1978 – Referendum determined College nickname would  remain “LYNX”.

1979   Women compete in first CAC Track meet for women

CAC All-sports trophy award to college

P. K. Seidman selects the College to host the M. L. Seidman Memorial Town Hall lectures

Nov. 1, 1979- Communications Arts Department stages Godspell in the amphitheatre.

1980   April 23  - Anne Marie Caskey Williford Hall dedicated.

Dean of Students Williford, dean died, July 19, 1979 .

First Rites of Spring weekend held.

First Clarence Day Award for Outstanding Teaching awarded to Dr. Jack U. Russell, Mathematics faculty

First Dean′s Award for Research and Creative Activity awarded to Dr. John F. Copper, International Studies

1981       January 21- McCoy Theatre Dedicated  (renovated Zeta house)

Physics building dedicated as Peyton Nalle Rhodes Hall

Gooch Hall dedicated

1982       Groundbreaking for Hassell Hall

Charles E. Diehl Society founded

A grant from the PEW Foundation provides a VAX unit from the Digital Equipment Corporation for the Computer Center.

 Kinney Program merges with Chaplain’s office.

1983       First Distinguished Alumni Awards to Lewis Donelson ′38 and Dr. James Gladney ′38

Women′s Soccer becomes a varsity sport  

Lacrosse begins as a club sport 

Diehl Memorial Court with statue dedicated     

Lemaster Gateway Dedicated

Bellingrath, Goodrich, and Hyde Merit Scholarships established.