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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry homepage. Our department views modern chemistry as a broadly diverse science, with roots in physics and mathematics, and applications in biology, geology, neuroscience, medicine, and industry.

Students who major in chemistry often go beyond the classroom and seek out a variety of opportunities, either on-campus or off-campus. One such student is Rachel Sanders (Left), a class of 2014 Chemistry major and Religious Studies minor who plans to pursue Pharmacy School upon graduation. Rachel began research in the Chemistry Department in her Freshman year, working in Dr. Cafiero′s group. Rachel studies the selectivity of NADP-dependent enzymes for NADP-analogues, with the hope of finding an NADP-like molecule that can target specific enzymes. This work may have future applications in cholesterol-lowering drug design. Rachel has presented her work at conferences in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee, winning student presentation awards twice while competing against other undergraduates as well as graduate students.

Rachel has served as a Laboratory Teaching Assistant in the Chemistry Department as well; she has assisted in an Organic Chemistry lab and in an introductory-level lab designed for non-science majors. Outside of the Chemistry Department, Rachel serves as a Rhodes College Diplomat, and has been a Open Rhodes Advisor. (Students: email the Department Chair for more information on serving as a Teaching Assistant)

In Spring 2013, Rachel began working in a Pharmacology lab at St. Jude Children′s research Hospital, moving into full time work there in the Summer of 2013. This lab experience, coupled with Rachel′s research and other activities at Rhodes and various volunteer experiences at local hospitals has made Rachel a well rounded student who is prepared for a variety of paths after leaving Rhodes.  

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