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Jennifer Rote ′15 and Diana Bigler ′15 win awards at Arkansas INBRE conference

12/8/2014 | 4 Rhodes chemistry majors attended and presented work at the conference. Read more »

Diana Bigler ′15 wins award and publishes manuscript

11/10/2014 | Work based on Honors Thesis wins award and gets published. Read more »

Chemistry students present research at MERCURY conference

8/4/2014 | Four chemistry majors travel to Bucknell University for conference. Read more »

Alli Dewar ′14 and Katie Hatstat ′16 win Undergraduate Poster Awards

3/25/2014 | 14 Rhodes students attend and present work at the American Chemical Society Conference. Read more »

Katie Hatstat ′16 wins Outstanding Chemistry Presentation Prize

3/7/2014 | 9 Rhodes students present their work at Chemistry Conference. Read more »

Diana Bigler and Hallie Weems ′15 bring back awards from conference

11/25/2013 | 4 Rhodes chemistry majors present their work at international Chemistry Conference. Read more »

Rhodes Chemistry department hosts symposium

10/21/2013 | Rhodes Chemistry hosts symposium for chemists from local universities, industry, and St. Jude. Read more »

Chemistry Honor Society welcomes new members

3/19/2013 | 52 new students were inducted into Rhodes′ chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Read more »

Rachel Sanders (Chemistry 2014) wins presentation award at conference

3/5/2013 | Students working with Profs. Cafiero and Peterson present research at the University of Memphis. Read more »

Prof. Cafiero, Katherine DiGiovanni (Biology 2012), Katie Hatstat (2016) and Jennifer Rote (Chemistry 2015) publish research paper

1/16/2013 | Prof. Cafiero and three research students publish a computational study of acetaminophen binding. Read more »

Tufton (Chemistry 2013) and Sanders (Chemistry 2014) win presentation awards

11/27/2012 | Two students are recognized at the Conference on Current Trends in Computational Chemistry. Read more »

Cafiero Receives NSF grant

9/5/2012 | Professor Cafiero received an NSF grant as part of the MERCURY consortium. Read more »

Chemists profiled in Rhodes Magazine

Fall 2012 | Dr, Darlene Loprete, Ashley Tufton (2013), and other alumnae are profiled in the Fall 2012 issue of Rhodes Magazine! Read more »

Kelly Allison (Chemistry 2012) wins presentation awards

3/5/2012 | Prof. Cafiero and his research students presented their work at the University of Memphis. Read more »

Students present research at national conference

11/2/2011 | Prof. Cafiero′s Research group presented their work at the Conference on Current Trends in Computational Chemistry. Read more »

Student Chemistry club recognized

10/18/2010 | The student run chemistry club was awarded an honorable mention from the American Chemical Society. Read more »

Cafiero research group presents, publishes work

8/16/2010 |Students in Prof. Cafiero′s group present their work at the MERCURY conference and publish a review article. Read more »

Research Conference in Finland

6/19/2009 | Prof. Cafiero and Hunter Utkov (Biology, 2010) presented their research in Finland. Read more »

Chemistry Professor Receives National Organic Symposium Travel Award

5/17/2007 | Dr. Julie Le has been selected to receive the 2007 National Organic Symposium Travel Award sponsored by the Division of Organic Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. Read more »

Rhodes Chemistry Professor Receives Grant for Research Focusing on Computational Models of Proteins

5/8/2007 | Dr. Mauricio Cafiero has received a $48,914 grant to support his research into computational models of proteins. Read more »

First-Year Student to Publish Article in International Journal of Quantum Chemistry

4/25/2007 | Laura Hofto, a first-year student who began chemistry research this year, has had her manuscript accepted for publication in the International Journal of Quantum Chemistry. Read more »

Rhodes Faculty Receive Grant Supporting Undergraduate Science Research

2/21/2007 | The Merck/AAAS Undergraduate Science Research Program has awarded Rhodes biology and chemistry faculty a $60,000 grant to support student research. Read more »

Rhodes Professor Receives Science Grant to Further Research Focusing on the Fungal Cell Wall

11/29/2006 | Dr. Loretta Jackson-Hayes has received a $55,142 grant from Research Corporation to support research focusing on genes involved in fungal cell wall metabolism. Read more »

Tools of the Trade: Using Technology in the Classroom

8/2006 | Dr. Mauricio Cafiero discusses molecular modeling in this article from Rhodes Magazine. Read more »

Summer Reading

8/2006 | Dr. Loretta Jackson-Hayes recommends a few good reads in this annual Rhodes Magazine feature. Read more »