In Print: Fall 2007


Publication Date: 10/11/2007

What Do Our Neighbors Believe? Questions and Answers On Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Co-authored by John Kaltner, Associate Professor of Religious Studies. Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press; 168 pp. $16.95

The book explores Judaism, Christianity and Islam by examining histories, theological understandings, practices and contemporary challenges. Nearly 30 questions are discussed.

Kenya: The Struggle for Democracy (Africa in the New Millennium)
Co-edited by Shadrack W. Nasong′o, Assistant Professor of International Studies. London: Zed Books; 344 pp. $19.99

An examination Kenya′s political trajectory, illustrating the country′s struggle for democracy. The book focuses on components of civil society, such as opposition parties and traditionally marginalized groups, including women and the young.

Romancing the Vote: Feminist Activism in American Fiction, 1870-1920
By Leslie Petty, Assistant Professor of English. Athens: University of Georgia Press; 260 pp. $39.95

Petty examines fictional representations of women′s struggles for freedoms.

Memphis Music: Before the Blues
By Timothy W. Sharp, Elizabeth G. Daughdrill Chair in the Fine Arts. Mount Pleasant, SC: Arcadia Publishing; 127 pp. $19.99

The author examines the people, music and events responsible for the creation of Memphis′ unique musical background.
The Living Spirit of the Crone: Turning Aging Inside Out
By Sally P. Thomason, former Dean of the Meeman Center for Lifelong Learning. Minneapolis: Fortress Press; 160 pp. $17

Thomason′s book, which is based on the personal experiences and stories of dozens of women, encourages a holistic view of the aging process that incorporates body, mind and spirit.

The Spread of Religions: A Social Scientific Theory Based on the Spread of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam
By Robert L. Montgomery ′50. Hackensack, NJ: Long Dash Publishing Company; 372 pp. $20

Montgomery explains why Buddhism, Christianity and Islam are the three widest-spreading religions, through propagation and conversion. The author also predicts the possible spreading of certain religions in the future.

A Parent′s Guide to Gifted Children
By James T. Webb ′60. Scottsdale, AZ: Great Potential Press ; 415 pp. $24.95 (paper) and $32.95 (hardcover)

The recipient of an iParenting Media Award, the book addresses how to handle problems that gifted children may face, such as perfectionism, underachievement, rebellion and suicidal thoughts.

Reaching Paradise through Intercourse: American Towns with Unique Names
By Sam L. Drash ′61. Signal Mountain, TN: Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.; 336 pp. $19.95

The author examines myriad American towns bearing distinctive names, among them Intercourse, PA, and Paradise, PA.

Expecting the Unexpected: An Advent Devotional Guide
By Blair Gilmer Meeks ′63. Nashville: Upper Room Books; 128 pp. $13

A guide to the season for individuals and adult education groups, the book provides five weeks of daily Scripture readings and prayers, an introduction to the theme of each week and the season, five Charles Wesley hymns related to the Scriptures and five plans for small group study sessions.

National Geographic Concise History of the World: An Illustrated Time Line
Co-authored by Trudy Walker Pearson ′64. Washington, DC: National Geographic; 416 pp. $40

The informative volume presents new insight into world history, with Pearson authoring chapters 4 and 7. The work also contains helpful extras, including maps, illustrations and sidebars.

National Geographic Eyewitness to the Civil War: The Complete History from Secession to Reconstruction
Co-authored by Trudy Walker Pearson ′64. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic; 416 pp. $40

In detailing the Civil War, the book includes a dramatic narrative, plus numerous rare photographs and illustrations. As a researcher/writer, Pearson covered eyewitness accounts, maps, chronologies and the appendix.

The American Plague: The Untold Story of Yellow Fever, the Epidemic That Shaped Our History
By Molly Caldwell Crosby ′95. New York: Berkley Books; 320 pp. $24.95

Over the course of two centuries, yellow fever infected half a million Americans throughout the United States. Crosby details the yellow fever epidemic in Memphis, as well as taking the reader to Cuba and West Africa.

Honduras, An Atlas of Historical Maps
By William V. Davidson ′62. Fundación Uno Colección Cultural de Centro América, Serie Histórica no. 18. $50

Davidson, retired from the Department of Geography and Anthropology, Louisiana State University, presents 122 maps acquired from the major antique map depositories in Europe, the U.S., Central America and some private collections. Interactive CD enclosed.

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