Remembering Artist Brad McMillan ′68


Publication Date: 9/21/2007

Brad McMillan ′68, known for his editorial cartoons for business journals across the country, including the Memphis Business Journal, died Sept. 15, 2007, at his home in Jackson, TN.

An English major at Rhodes, McMillan lived in Memphis in the 1980s. He taught English  briefly before deciding to become an artist full time and run an art gallery. His murals cover the ceiling and walls in Memphis′ P&H Cafe.

McMillan and his wife, the late Carolyn Miller McMillan ′70, moved to Dallas in 1986. He returned to Jackson in 2006.

The couple leave a daughter, Catherine, a graphic artist in St. Louis; and two sons, Patrick, a metalsmith who attends school in England, and Chris, a film student at Richland Community College in Dallas.

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