Drompp Appointed Dean of Academic Affairs for Post-graduate Fellowships


Publication Date: 9/10/2007

Dr. Michael Drompp, Professor of History at Rhodes College, has been appointed Dean of Academic Affairs for Post-graduate Fellowships. In this position, Drompp will be the primary contact for students seeking information regarding post-graduate study and research opportunities. He also will provide guidance regarding the application, interview, and review processes connected to a wide range of competitive fellowships and scholarships.

In addition, Drompp will be Faculty Fellow for International Programs, serving as a liaison between the faculty and Rhodes’ Buckman Center for International Education. The center serves not only students studying off-campus and abroad, but also international students studying at Rhodes.

A published authority on Chinese and Inner Asian history, Drompp will continue to serve as the campus liaison for the Luce Scholars Program that fosters cultural exchange between Asia and the United States. Drompp holds a B.A. degree in history and Chinese and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Uralic and Altaic Studies from Indiana University.

“Students at Rhodes have been very competitive in the past for many of the prestigious post-graduate fellowships,” says Rhodes Provost Dr. Charlotte Borst. “But we think more Rhodes students should be eligible since our student profile with high scholarship expectations and engaged learning is consistent with the expectations of many of these fellowships. Professor Drompp’s experience with the Luce scholarships and his international focus as a scholar-teacher gives us the ideal person to lead our effort.”  

Those with inquiries about post-graduate fellowship opportunities at Rhodes can contact Professor Drompp at (901) 843-3655 or drompp@rhodes.edu