Rhodes Home Page In Top Five of 100 College Web Sites Review


Publication Date: 8/6/2007

The Rhodes home page ranks in the top five of 100 college Web sites surveyed in 2006 by GCF, a marketing communications agency specializing in education.

GCF asked college students and college administrators a total of 20 questions about the home pages, marketing messages, design, navigation and technology of the Web sites surveyed. Rhodes was one of only five colleges that received 19 favorable responses out of the 20; no one received a perfect score.

These findings for 2006 reflect the successful redesign and launch of rhodes.edu last fall.

The home page was evaluated on whether it:

• was memorable
• clearly displayed contact information
• contained appropriate links
• was pleasing

Since 2000, GCF has surveyed students and administrators about the same college Web sites to track the trends of these sites and to produce annual reports.