Teams Recognized, Outstanding Staff Lauded at Service Recognition Luncheon


Publication Date: 5/16/2007

Rhodes paid tribute to staff on May 16 with its annual Service Recognition Luncheon held in the Catherine Burrow Refectory on campus. “It has been a break through year in how we work together in new ways to make Rhodes an even better place,” Rhodes president William E. Troutt told attendees. “Today we want to recognize some of the incredible work teams have performed this past year. Work that has changed the way the college serves its students  . . . even the ways the college spends its money.”

One of the first results of team deliberations funded by the college was the campus recycling program. Committee members were recognized for producing a “campus recycling program of which we can all be very proud,” said Troutt.

The teams, such as the Event Management Pilot Group, are developing breakthrough insights and recommendations the college is funding. The Data Service group has made a recommendation to fund a new software program for enhancing degree audits. 

This summer, many staff members will be working with Rhodes architects from Hanbury Evans to renovate Burrow for use as a student services center. This group has worked together across departmental lines to design spaces that enable the Rhodes staff to improve work with students and to move further toward the implementation of the college’s overall academic space plan. Another team has been working on Summer Orientation that has come to be known as Open Rhodes.

Troutt commended members of the Design and Implementation Team who have devoted a large amount of time and service over the past 17 months. “Your dedication to leading us through this transforming time in the life of the college means so much,” said Troutt.

Other teams recognized include the Rhodes Express Team, the Connections Pilot, the Employee Development Pilot, the Communications Audit Team, the Staff Learning and Leadership Development Team, the Wellness and Worklife Balance Team and the Re-engineering Steering Team.

Four Rhodes College employees were also recognized with the college’s 2007 Outstanding Staff Awards. Cornett Townes of Housekeeping, who was recognized for her collaborative spirit and focus on service to others, is this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Administrative Services Staff award. Judith Pierce of Academic Affairs is the recipient of the Outstanding Administrative Staff award. She was recognized for her service to others and personal commitment to continual improvement. Outstanding Administrator awards were presented to Kevin J. Sackett of Grounds, for innovative leadership and work as an ambassador of the college, and Darlene Brooks of the Barret Library, for service to students, faculty and staff and others who come her way.

In addition, staff members with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service were recognized. Tina Benton of the Anthropology & Sociology Department received a standing ovation for 35 years of service.

Recently two staff members received accolades from students at the Campus Life Awards. Alma Warren was named Outstanding Housekeeper and Johnny Austin was named Outstanding Campus Safety Officer.