Mercer and Cullender Win First Place Research Awards at Yeast Meeting


Publication Date: 4/9/2007

Sarah Mercer  and Tyler Cullender  won first place outstanding research awards at the Southeastern Regional Yeast Meeting (SERYM) held at the University of Alabama at Birmingham recently. The meeting has been held annually since 1994.

Mercer’s research is titled “KAP114 and YLR004C Impact G1 Cyclin Cln3 Dependent Viability in the Budding Yeast S. cerevisiae; a Link Between Protein Localization and Cell Cycle Regulation.”

Cullender’s research is titled “The Activity of the Budding Yeast G1 Cyclin Cln3 in the Absence of Genes Primarily Associated with mRNA Export.”

Mary Landon Downs and Jackie Hancock also represented Rhodes well at the meeting.