Fisk Jubilee Singers Visit Rhodes On Way to Orpheum


Publication Date: 2/27/2007

On their way to the Orpheum for an evening performance, the renowned Fisk Jubilee Singers made a stop for a campus tour and lunch at Rhodes College on February 23. Founded in 1871, the Nashville a cappella group travel all over the world performing Negro spirituals and folk music. In 1999, The Singers were featured in the PBS award-winning documentary series “The American Experience.”

As plans are underway for The Mike Curb Institute for Music to focus on the distinct musical traditions of the South, Rhodes representatives were delighted to host The Singers on campus. In 2003, the Curb/Beaman Jubilee Singers Chair was established at Fisk University. In addition, Rhodes President William E. Troutt serves on the Fisk University board.