Rhodes Receives Grant to Administer Cleanup Campaign


Publication Date: 12/13/2006

The Rhodes Hollywood Springdale Partnership has received a $20,000 grant from the City of Memphis Division of Housing and Community Development to administer a “Cleanup Campaign” in the Hollywood Springdale area.  The campaign will be directed by Dr. Michael Kirby, Rhodes Plough Professor of Urban Studies, and the volunteer committee will be made up of neighborhood residents, clergy, and business owners as well as Rhodes students who will work on the project.

The grant will provide funding for administrative expenses and for the purchase of tools and equipment for the cleanup activity in the Hollywood Springdale area. The expected long-term impact will be reduced levels of litter, debris, and high weeds. Areas requiring cleaning will be identified by windshield surveys and complaints from area residents, churches, businesses, etc. Ongoing plans to deter blight and decay include:

• Reducing litter, debris, and weeds on vacant lots, around condemned houses, and on streets with the greatest accumulation

• Maintaining the current “reduced” level of litter on Hollywood Street and Chelsea Avenue by a combination of cleanups and the cooperation of area businesses

• Making railroad property (parallel to Marble Avenue from Tunica Street and Boxwood Street) cleaner and more park-like in appearance through regular mowing and litter pickup

• Providing cleanup support to block clubs in the neighborhood

• Performing repeated cleanups and followup of properties as needed

• Based on the severity of an area being cleaned, hiring independent contractors if needed

Established in 2005, the Rhodes Hollywood Springdale Partnership works to improve conditions in the areas of community renewal, neighborhood capacity building, crime prevention, health education and student success. The partnership works specifically in the community bounded by Jackson Avenue on the south, Hollywood Street on the east, Chelsea Avenue on the north and Springdale/Tunica streets on the west.