Welcome to the new face of Rhodes College online


Publication Date: 8/14/2006

Our redesign goes far deeper than a facelift.

For the last year, we’ve been working to make our online presence reflect the personality, values and vision that define Rhodes College. With the help of BigBad – a New England Web design consultant with extensive higher education experience – and members of all constituent groups, we’ve undertaken a Web site redesign that’s strategic, intuitive and audience-oriented.

Our online presence reflects the Rhodes Vision.

In the competitive world of college recruiting, it’s important that our Web site reflects our unique approach to learning. Rhodes is a small college with a broader world perspective. We expect our students to excel academically, participate in leadership and service opportunities on and off campus, conduct themselves with honor, and prepare for rich professional lives where learning never stops.

Each section of the Web site has been designed and written to communicate how this vision translates into experience. Perhaps the best expression of this is our new feature, “Faces of Rhodes,” where a representative cross-section of current students communicate their Rhodes experience in their own words. We intend to expand this feature to include alumni and faculty profiles in the near future.

Improving visitor experience is a high priority.

Choose either your audience category or a college division (e.g. Campus Life, Academics, etc.) – whatever makes the most sense to you – and you’re on your way. And while our primary audience is prospective students, this Web site is also a dynamic communication tool and information repository for all Rhodes constituent groups.

We want you to find the answers you’re looking for quickly and intuitively. Global site tools offer search, news, events, site map and contact links on every page. Primary site navigation is consistent from page to page – and we leave a trail of breadcrumbs for you to follow so you can see where you came from. We also include sidebars with relevant links and documents so you can delve as deeply as you wish into the topic at hand.

We’re proud and we want you to know it.

The bottom line is that we’re proud of the special students we attract and the educational experience we deliver. Browse this Web site and we know you’ll quickly discover the qualities that make Rhodes College unique.