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RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS, an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, allows users to subscribe to relevant news and information from web sites that regularly update their content. RSS Feeds provide you with consolidated headlines from content sources that you care about, because you select them.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe, you need a tool such as MyYahoo!, software called an RSS aggregator or a recent browser (such as IE8 or Firefox), which automatically detects RSS feeds.

For MyYahoo!

Click on the "Add to My Yahoo! button. Follow the instructions provided by the RSS aggregator for adding the feed to your MyYahoo!

For All Other RSS Aggregators

Go to our feeds below and right-click (or if you’re a Mac user control-click) on the orange RSS button. Select "copy link," "copy shortcut," or "copy target address."

You also can click on the orange RSS button and copy the URL for the address/location bar of the browser. Launch your RSS reader and input the URL that you just copied into the program.

RSS Feed Title

RSS Readers

Rhodes News Add to My Yahoo!
Rhodes Events Add to My Yahoo!
Rhodes Bulletins Add to My Yahoo!