Planting Seeds for the Community: Students Till Rhodes Community Garden


Publication Date: 10/1/2009

Exciting plans are in store for the Rhodes Community Garden, located behind East Village. What began last spring as a project by Green Rhodes has expanded from a single plot into six beds. As soon as student gardeners receive enough money, they plan to expand the garden to the south of the current plot.

Depending on student feedback, the group will grow the same variety of plants—tomatoes, herbs, peppers, beans, greens, and okra—but may adjust the amount of each crop grown.

Showing a sense of community, students collectively decide what to plant at the beginning of each season. Brennan Lowery, co-founder of Green Rhodes and one of the head gardeners, explains, “For instance, many students who’ve just arrived at Rhodes are from Asian backgrounds, and in the Rat can’t find the greens they’re used to eating. Growing Asian greens is one way to get this particular community involved.”

In the future, the gardening group plans to host cooking nights at which they will prepare a meal with food from the garden. “What we really want to do is serve the food at these cooking events because that would have the biggest impact on the community,” says Lowery. “This would also be an opportunity for all the people who use the garden to come together and get to know each other a little better.”

The gardeners have established a “come and pick” system, in which they invest time in the garden as a group and complete the picking process on their own. Lowery urges the entire Rhodes community to get involved.

“I would encourage people to take a second to learn about some way that they can make an interesting and simple improvement to their lives, such as picking fruit from the community garden. It’s healthier, simpler, and locally produced.”

(information compiled by Rhodes Student Associate Brianna McCullough ′10)