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Photo: Bud Richey
Bud Richey

Dear Alumnus/a,

Greetings from the Alumni Relations Office!

One of the continuing joys I find in my work is meeting members of the alumni community.

For example, one returned to Homecoming to celebrate his 15th reunion. The two of us met in the Victory Tent near the football stadium. In the course of our conversation he spoke about growing up in Missouri in a family of limited means. He was a strong student, but being able to attend Rhodes exceeded his expectations. Realizing that he was fortunate to have the advantage of a Rhodes education, he expressed a sense of both hope and certainty that he and his wife would be able to provide more opportunities for their children than his family could do when he was young.

A second alumnus was attending his fifth reunion and had recently established his own insurance agency in the Atlanta area. While growing up in Alabama, he dreamed of playing football on Saturdays in Tuscaloosa. As he considered his options—walk on at his state university and spend four or five years on the scout team, or play football and immerse himself in all that was offered at Rhodes—he chose Rhodes. He expressed genuine affection and appreciation for the opportunities he had as a student here. He spoke about the joy of playing ball for Rhodes. He also spoke of the growth, development and learning that occurred as a result of his relationships with faculty members, coaches and fellow students.

This issue of the magazine informs readers about the Campaign for Rhodes. This is not a campaign to raise money for buildings. Rather, it has to do with providing opportunities for students, faculty and staff by significantly increasing the college’s endowment.

With an increased endowment, Rhodes will be able to meet the financial need of deserving students who wish to attend and who will add value to our community. Just as
the alumni highlighted above, they will benefit from the investment that is made in them. They will develop the knowledge base, ability to think and learn, courage, self-confidence and relationship skills to attempt feats that were beyond their dreams prior to the challenges and support they will experience at Rhodes. They will be able to contribute to their fields and their communities as they concurrently create better opportunities for their families.

The goal of the Campaign for Rhodes is ambitious. The stakes are high. The best effort from all constituents of the college is necessary to achieve success. At the core of our
constituency base is an extraordinary community of alumni.

You have been remarkable in helping advance Rhodes College. I ask you in each issue of the electronic newsletter to help us move forward. You respond. You recruit students. You create internships to support student learning. You help young alumni through the Rhodes Career Network. You support the college financially at an extraordinary percentage.

We remain deeply indebted to you for all that you do to help your alma mater. It is because of this history of support that I am comfortable in asking each of you to do your best to make a difference in the Campaign for Rhodes.

Give to the Annual Fund if your giving has lapsed. Increase your gifts if you currently give. Consider a transformational gift such as endowing a scholarship. The success of the Campaign for Rhodes depends upon everyone doing better. In that light, I ask that you do your part to help make a difference so that generations of students who follow you will have the same opportunity that was provided to you.

Best regards,

Bud Richey
Associate Vice President and
Director of Alumni Relations

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