Chatterbox Favorites


Bob Arnold ’02, Executive Director, Chatterbox
“Like one’s children, they’re all really my favorites.

Master Zacharius. This is one where all the elements really came together: Great cast, inventive story, wild effects and the most complex sound design we’ve ever attempted. A satisfying experience all around.
Part One
Part Two

2008 Halloween Shows. Two full hours of original horror tales, performed live on 91.1 WKNO FM. This show was an outrageously large undertaking, and it was also a blast to do. Being live, it’s far from perfect, but for me the imperfections add to its charm. Michael Towle’s ’08 demon dog voice had us all freaked out during rehearsals.
Part One
Part Two

Homestead. One of my own scripts, this is a quiet drama that tends to get overlooked. But the nuanced performances and the subtle-yet-evocative sonic shifts are a good reminder that audio need not be bombastic to be effective.

Sight Gag Show #2. Who wouldn’t love a show that leads off with ‘Zombie Speed Dating’?”

Kyle Hatley ’03, Artistic Director
“My favorite Chatterbox show is a tie. Master Zacharius was, for many reasons, one of my two favorites. Bob’s adaptation was clear, lean and moved with a rhythm. His direction of the very talented cast and his imagination behind the sound effects and their haunting damnation of time and its role in the storytelling was both masterful and original. Needless to say, Andrew’s work on Master Zacharius was utterly beautiful. The show is crisp and sharp and moves like a piece of music. Bob’s and Andrew’s work on that show is of the highest quality.

“The other one would be my audio theater directorial debut, Six, which was a short audio piece I wrote about the mathematics behind the game of Russian roulette. The math was a metaphor for the construct of people’s faith in belief systems and what happens when and if their beliefs fail. We did this in one day. Mostly as an experiment or workshop for me to learn more about directing audio theatre. The actors got the script at noon on a Saturday. By 5p.m. we were breaking down the gear after three chaotic, terrifying and unbelievably fun recording takes. Moreover, the “oh-my-god” nature of that day ultimately informed the rhythm and immediacy of the storytelling. The actors were amazing. To this day I am baffled how Erin McGhee ’06 managed to understand, create and portray such a strange, disturbing, tragic and mysterious character with such alarming accuracy. Listen to her voice throughout the piece: each broken thought, each tidbit of fear and how it fluctuates from one level to the other with such realistic fluidity is so moving and terrifying—and so beautiful. Easily the best performance in our canon.”

Andrew Sullivan ’01, Technical Director
While Master Zacharius is the show I’m most proud of for its technical accomplishments, and In the Penal Colony is pretty special to me for being my directorial debut, I think my truly favorite show is one of the first we ever did: The Yellow Wallpaper. Jane Kilgore ’09 turned in my absolute favorite Chatterbox performance with her reading of the narrator. She’s absolutely one of the best talents to come out of the McCoy Theatre in a long time.”

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