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The Resurrection of Bert Ringold
By Harvey Goldner ’65. El Paso: Cinco Puntos Press; 112 pp. $14.95
This posthumous collection of poetry follows the publication of Goldner’s chapbook “Her Bright Bottom” (Spankstra Press, 2006). His poetry appeared widely in print and online throughout North America and the U.K.

By Pat Dugan ’02. Self-published by Oomlat Orpah; 104 pp. Paperback $14.99, download $7.50
Dilettante explores the nature of dilettantism in the Information Age. The dilettante is a curious intellectual who yearns for knowledge and is unburdened by focused discipline. The book is an homage to the novels of David Markson.


Teaching the Bible through Popular Culture and the Arts
Co-authored By Patrick Gray, Rhodes Assistant Professor of Religion. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature; 402 pp. $37.95.
This book offers instruction for biblical studies teachers on facilitating classroom experiences by drawing on the arts and popular culture. It also provides brief overviews of easily accessible examples of art, film, literature, music and other media, as well as outlines for using them in the classroom.

The Rhythm of Discipleship
By Luther Ivory, Rhodes Associate Professor of Religion. Louisville: Geneva Press; 96 pp. $14.95
Ivory reflects on living the call to discipleship as an individual and a community. As a new volume in the Foundations of Christian Faith series, the book emphasizes the importance of active listening in the invitational rhythm of call and response and explains how to live a “life of engaged piety.”

The African Search for Stable Forms of Statehood: Essays in Political Criticism
Edited by Shadrack W. Nasong’o, Rhodes Assistant Professor of International Studies. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press; 436 pp. $129.95
By examining transitions from colonialism to political independence, this study explores shifting political modes in nine African countries. Nasong’o examines change and continuity to evaluate the impact and prospects of political reform.

Conversations with Kazuo Ishiguro
Co-edited by Brian Shaffer, Rhodes Dean of Academic Affairs for Faculty Development and Charles R. Glover Chair of English Studies. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi; 224 pp. $22 (paper), $50 (unjacketed cloth)
These 19 interviews were collected over the past two decades on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond; they address this literary artist’s career to provide a portrait of contexts and influences behind his novels. The collection includes interviews from British, French and American periodicals; a conversation between Ishiguro and acclaimed Japanese novelist Kenzaburo Oe and a new interview conducted with the book’s editors.

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