Ames Plantation Dig in the Spotlight


Publication Date: 6/11/2009

Rhodes anthropology major Molly Bombardi-Mount and Professor Milton Moreland with the Ames Plantation excavation project were interviewed by WHBQ-Fox 13 in a segment titled “Digging Up the Past.” The segment aired June 10 and again June 11.

“For three weeks every summer, students scoop, sift and scrape dirt at the Ames Plantation in Grand Junction, Tenn.,” reported Jill Monier.

Guy Weaver, Sr., archaeologist with Weaver & Associates, says in the report, “We have found a structure. It′s either a slave house or a manor house or an overseer’s [house]. It′s still uncertain.”

“One of the most interesting thing is the site is both a 2,000-year-old middle woodland village site, so we′re finding stone tools and pottery. On top is a historic structure in the 1830′s,” adds Moreland.  “On one hand, we′re doing historical research and trying to understand the settlement pattern of West Tennessee in the 1820s, ’30s and ’40s. We’re also teaching students how to excavate and how to be responsible with cultural heritage.”

View segment on WHBQ-Fox 13.

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