Rhodes Students Spend Semesters at Sea


Publication Date: 5/20/2009

Smith Scarborough on his spring voyage

Since 2000, 17 Rhodes students have participated in Semester at Sea, a worldwide study abroad program designed to foster global understanding through shipboard education. 

Smith Scarborough, a sophomore from Sealy, Texas, recently participated in the program, and Lillian Rice, a junior from Nashville, Tenn., will participate in the summer voyage.

For Scarborough, not only has Semester at Sea provided him with life-changing international experiences and life-long friendships, it has offered him the chance to meet with people from different cultures and religions.  “Traveling has always been a passion of mine, so that—along with my love for the beach and ocean—has made this semester perfect,” says Scarborough.

The program appealed to Rice because it will provide her with the opportunity to travel to multiple countries and study various cultures and religions—all on the same study abroad program. 

Semester at Sea maintains high academic standards that are set by the University of Virginia, its academic sponsor.  Students who apply to the program must meet certain academic requirements to be admitted.  They must also demonstrate their writing skills through a 300-500-word essay.

According to Mark Lazaroff, Communications Coordinator for the Spring 2009 Voyage, Semester at Sea has seen a considerable increase in applications in recent years.