Rhodes-Hill Mural: From Start to Finish


Publication Date: 5/14/2009

This is a time-lapse video of the creation of the Rhodes-Hill Mural, located at 195 Madison Avenue, downtown Memphis, Tennessee next to the Redbirds stadium. Mural artist, designer, and painter, Jeff Zimmermann (www.jazim.com) was assisted by Brendan Hudson of Chicago, Anthony D. Lee of Memphis, Niki Johnson of Memphis, and Jesus Lopez of Memphis.

Building owner Mr. Chick Hill approached Rhodes College, requesting that students learn public art management by managing the making of this mural, so four Rhodes College students, as part of CODA at Rhodes, convened a community panel, made the call to artists, interviewed and selected the artist, and supervised the resurfacing of the wall to prepare the surface. The management of the mural project took one year, two months of which the students apprenticed at the UrbanArt Commission of Memphis. Please see www.rhodes.edu/mural for more information and more detailed videos of the mural-making process.

The painting of the mural took nearly two months. This time-lapse video was taken from the Fogelman YMCA of Memphis second floor window. A still camera took one picture every 30 seconds, and the images were compiled and further sped up to make this video. Photos and editing by Liz Daggett.

On behalf of the student mural project management team, we′d like to thank the panel members, Rhodes College, Jeff Zimmermann, and the City of Memphis for supporting public art.