Rhodes Student Associate Program Praised as National Model


Publication Date: 5/8/2009

The May 8th issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education carries the following headline: “Rhodes’s Work Program Gives Students Experience and Saves the College Money.” The almost full-page article describes the Rhodes Student Associate Program (RSAP) that pays students attractive wages for performing professional services in offices around campus.

Bryan Hearn, who worked in the Office of Communications, told the Chronicle, “Editing has helped me critique another person’s work, which is often an awkward, challenging, nuanced thing to do. When you’re helping a student in a classroom, it’s a similar process to editing someone’s work.” Hearn plans to teach at The Soulsville Charter School which is affiliated with the Stax Museum of American Soul Music.

Jill Carr, who works in Institutional Research, credits her experience in applied econometrics with her confidence entering graduate school in economics while Hallie Graves, who actually ran the RSAP while she was at Rhodes, says the experience vastly improved her chances of receiving a full scholarship to Southern Methodist University law school.

President William E. Troutt, who created the program, says it is equally good for Rhodes. “When you start treating a student not as a consumer but as a colleague, remarkable results occur,” he says. He also estimates that the program saves the college $750,000 a year.