Lartigue-Ndiaye ′88 Honored With Jefferson Star


Publication Date: 8/14/2008

Kellie Lartigue-Ndiaye ’88 is to receive posthumously The Thomas Jefferson Star for Foreign Service Award on August 15 in Mali, Africa. Lartigue-Ndiaye died December 21, 2007, in an automobile accident in Mali, Africa, where she worked as country director for the Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Global AIDS Program.

The Thomas Jefferson Star for Foreign Service recognizes people who, while traveling or serving abroad on official business, are killed or incur a serious illness or injury that results in death, permanent incapacity or disability. The award will be presented to Lartigue-Ndiaye′s husband Karim Ndiaye of Senegal and three sons Yazel, Fallou and Ibrahim (Maam Cheikh).

After graduating from Rhodes, Lartigue-Ndiaye joined the Peace Corps and served in Senegal before subsequently working for others in Rwanda and elsewhere in Africa.