InMotion Fellow Gets Meaningful Medical Research Experience


Publication Date: 7/18/2008

Chris Williams ’11 is among individuals recently featured in a Memphis Daily News article about college students gaining major research experience this summer at the InMotion Musculoskeletal Institute.  Williams, who is from Baton Rouge, La., is working on the radio stereometric analysis (RSA) project. “We’re looking at the micromotion of hips,” he says in the article.

According to the article written by Scott Shepard, the project is one of InMotion’s most ambitious projects to date. “RSA uses tiny metal markers placed in strategic points on both sides of an orthopedic implant, such as an artificial hip,” writes Shepard. “Like a sailor peering at the stars with a sextant, RSA marks the exact points of the markers after surgery.”

Williams, who plans to be a doctor, will continue to work on the project over the next two semesters and says the experience will help him when he applies to medical school.