Rhodes Chemistry Professors and Students Present Research at ACS Conference


Publication Date: 4/18/2008

Several members of the Rhodes Department of Chemistry presented research at the National American Chemical Society Conference in New Orleans April 7-11.  

Two faculty members (chemistry professors Mauricio Cafiero and Julie Le) and nine students (Jessica Cross ’08, Lori Culberson ’08, Laura Hofto ’10, Kelly Hoth ’08, Caroline Lee ’11, Megan McKenna ’08, Katie Morgan ’11, Griffin Morrison ’08, and Susan Wang ’08) attended the conference. 

Five students presented research at the conference:

  • Cross - “Can DFT Dissolve CO2 in Water?”
  • Culberson - “Two-Electron DFT Methods for Modeling Dispersion Interactions”
  • Hofto - “Evaluation of Novel DFT Methods for Dispersion-Like Forces in Protein-Ligand Systems”
  • Morrison - “Studies Directed Toward the Synthesis of Gabosine, an Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitor, and Its Derivatives”
  • Hoth - “Studies Directed Toward the Synthesis of Febrifugine, a Potential Antimalaria Drug”

The research by Hofto and Cross were presented at the graduate physical chemistry session as well as the “Sci-Mix” session, a large meeting-wide poster event containing research of broad appeal to the scientific community.

Cross, Culberson, Hofto, Lee, McKenna, and Morgan are members of Professor Cafiero’s Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Research Group and Hoth, Morrison and Wang are members of Professor Le’s Organic Sythentic Chemistry Research Group.