“Science Saturday” In Overton Park


Publication Date: 12/13/2007

Rhodes and Springdale participants of Science Saturday

Recently on a brisk Saturday morning in November, 14 Springdale Elementary students and their parents chose a walk in Overton Park over sleeping in or watching cartoons. Science Saturday, a program coordinated by Rhodes and Memphis City Schools, engages parents and students on science-related field trips. Student coordinator Marianne Olson ′09, Learning Corridor Coordinator Carol Ekstrom, and Springdale teacher Kodi Emelue administer the events.

In Overton Park, students and parents explored the Old Growth Forest and identified trees along the trail. Participants also discussed why leaves change color, found directions with a compass, and used tools to visually determine the height of a tree. Parents and students worked together to complete an activity sheet and spent valuable time learning about nature. The day concluded with lunch provided by the program. Participants were enthusiastic about the activities, and future trips are planned for the spring.