Learning Opportunities in Memphis



In an internship, students typically serve 8-10 hours a week at a particular agency for a period of 13 weeks. A student can sign up for an internship through registering for Urban Studies 360 (Junior Internship) or 460 (Senior Internship). The internship placements are administered by the Careers Services program, and students need to check the Career Services Web site for information and listings. Students will need to attend orientation meetings—which occur before registration—with Career Services in the middle of the semester. The student needs to fill out the application from Career Services, and the director of internships in Urban Studies will sign the application and advise the student on appropriate sites.

Students may take internships during either the first or second semester. However, students may also register for 1-2 academic hours during the summer (expect to pay summer tuition) and perform the field placement hours; the remaining academic hours are done during the first semester.

The internship is both a field experience and an academic experience. Students are expected to link the activities of their internship with other work they have done in the classroom. Students spend 117 hours in the field and then also have a sequence of four class experiences to link the internship to the field of Urban Studies.

Funded Outreach and Research

There are numerous opportunities for funded student outreach opportunities.

  • Urban Studies students can take advantage of summer programs such as the Summer Service Fellowship Program for outreach and the Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies for research opportunities.
  • Students may create their own Fellowship activity with the guidance of a faculty or staff advisor. Fellowships can involve one or all of the following types of activities: Civic engagement; creative activities; internships; research; and study abroad. Contact Dr. Scott Garner, Director of Fellowships, for more information.
  • The Rhodes Student Associate Program (RSAP) provides student funding for exceptional work experiences.

Community Learning Projects

Students taking Urban Studies courses are involved in many interesting community-based research projects that are a part of their classes. Students develop partnerships with our Memphis associates over a semester, academic year, or even beyond. By the time of graduation, students generally have three and a half years of experience working in the Memphis community through such great organizations as the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA), the Church Health Center, and St. Jude. Contact Dr. Elizabeth Thomas if you are interested in submitting a project.