Declaration of Major or Minor


Declaring a Major

Students typically declare their major in the sophomore year, though they may declare earlier. After taking the initial Urban Studies courses and discussing the process with an academic adviser, students complete the Declaration of Major form, which can be found for current students on the Registrar’s InRhodes page here: To declare, students must do the following:

Submission of the Declaration of Major. No later than midterm of the second semester of the sophomore year, all students must complete two (2) copies of this form, filing one copy with the major department and one copy with the Registrar. Further registration at Rhodes will not be permitted until this process is complete. Each student should maintain a record of coursework and progress as well since the ultimate responsibility for meeting degree requirements is that of the student.

The Major Essay. Prior to obtaining the approving signature of the major adviser, the student is required to submit electronically to the adviser a Major Essay. This essay should include a reflection of the student’s goals in pursuing the chosen major; possible links between the major coursework and other courses taken or to be taken; what areas of the major field represent the student’s greatest interests; and what other areas of the major will help the student to become more well-rounded in the major field. Consult with the department or your major advisor for specific guidelines.

Forms for the Registrar can be turned in at Rhodes Express.


Declaring a Minor

Students undertaking a minor in Urban Studies are urged to declare as soon as possible. This will ensure inclusion on Urban Studies mailing lists, which will provide information about action research, internship, and fellowship opportunities, as well as other events within the department. The Declaration of Minor form can be found for current students on the Registrar’s InRhodes page here:

Again, students are urged to declare the minor in Urban Studies as soon as possible. Please consult your faculty advisor and Dr. Elizabeth Thomas, head of the department, if you are considering a minor.