Steps in Majoring


As you move into the decision to major in Urban Studies, remember that it is a somewhat complex undertaking, since there are faculty and courses in a variety of disciplines.


Step one is to indicate to the director of Urban Studies that you are interested in receiving information about Urban Studies. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to the program director and learn more about what is possible with an Urban Studies major. This is especially important if you have a first-year advisor who is not in Urban Studies. The director of Urban Studies is available to help in any way—feel free to contact her.

The next step in majoring involves understanding the major: it allows students to take interesting courses in a variety of fields, involves students in field opportunities, and provides excellent career and graduate school opportunities. A review of the Website provides information on these topics.

Once enrolled at Rhodes, students should take Urban Studies 201: Introduction to Urban Studies. This course provides an immediate contact with Urban Studies faculty, and the student then receives information about the major. 

There are occasional forums and meetings of students interested in Urban Studies. This is an opportunity to meet both the students and the faculty. These forums include a program on alumni in Urban Studies, the end-of-the-year research symposium, and special events that majors can attend in the city.

Students should declare their major as soon as possible, since that will place them on mailing lists for events.

Remember, the program director can also provide information on paid research and outreach positions available in Urban Studies and other campus programs.