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Directed by Cookie Ewing

  • If you hurt me, do I have the right to hurt you?
  • If you attack my family, do I have the right to attack yours?
  • If you kill someone I love, may I kill someone you love?
  • Does that prove how much I loved or how much I hate?
  • Does it make me a hero or a coward?
  • Am I to honor man′s law or God′s?
  • When is revenge justified, or is it?
  • Do these questions disturb you?

They disturbed Hamlet.

Our Town
Directed by Josie Helming

Our Town, winner of the 1938 Pullitzer Prise, is about the people of Grovers Corners, New Hampshire, or any town. The story is told in a series of episodes narrated by a "stage manager." George Gibbs and Emily Webb are neighbors and childhood playmates. As they grow up, they experience love and loss. This classic play continues to be regarded as one of the best representations of life in American and a landmark of theatrical craftsmanship.

Gianni Schicchi
Opera in one act | Libretto by Giovacchino Forzano
English Version byy Anne and Herbert Grossman
Directed by Scott Ferguson
Music Direction by Timothy Sharp

Gianni Schicchi, Puccini′s only comic opera, was an actual historic character introduced to the world by Dante. According to Dante, Schicchi′s crime was that he used his great gift of mimicry to impersonation Buoso Donati, just deceased, to dictate a will to favor his son. Giovacchino Forzano, librettist for the opera, took these bare facts of history and elaborated this tale into a comedy of great wit, ingenuity, and hilarity. Puccini loved the story, and created a one-act opera which delights audiences through the mystery, the madness, and most of all, the music.

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