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Blood Brothers
By Willy Russell
Directed by Gregory Krosnes

Guided by a prophecy claiming that twins separated at birth will die if they discover their heritage, Blood Brothers is a haunting, rags-to-riches musical tragedy intertwining rich and poor and love and hate.  The McCoy will be the first theatre in Memphis to stage this beguiling show which has been running in London’s West End for over a decade.

By William Mastrosimone
Directed by Melissa Bedinger

There is a place in all of us, a breaking point, the extremity to which when pushed hard enough we tumble into violence.  Mastrosimone’s “searing play about rape” explores this difficult topic.  Described as a “white-knuckle psychological thriller,” this dark play addresses the potential for violence within us all.

Fifth of July
By Lanford Wilson
Directed by Ann Marie Caskey

Growing older has a way of changing us all whether we anticipate it or not.  In this enthralling play former student activists reexamine the changes in their lives and in their attitudes since they left college.  Their reminiscing is sharp and funny, revealing lost hopes and dreams and the bitterness which must be overcome in order to see the good in life.

The Hypochondriac
Translation by Martin Sorrel
Based on Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid
Directed by Barry Fuller

In this classic farce, imaginary ills by the dozens and phenomenal drugstore bills plagues Moliere’s famous hypochondriac.  In order to save his pocketbook and his health, the hypochondriac develops a strategy to marry his daughter to a wealthy doctor.  In true Moliere style, the execution of the plan is never simple, and the resolution hinges on the French maid who has the capability to dispel the imaginary. 

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