Season 17


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Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by John Weidman
Directed by Barry Fuller

A provocative, entertaining musical that illuminated as it shocks, educated as it entertains.  It prods at the tender spot on the American body politic, focusing on a part of our world from which most of us recoil, but which remains stubbornly rooted in the American soil, springing to terrible life in a few otherwise unremarkable Americans.

Buried Child
By Sam Shepard
Directed by Tom Jones

This powerful and brilliant play, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, probes ever deeper into the disintegration of the American Dream.  The story is an extension of the author’s corrosive vision of the American family—and civilization—in decline.

Richard III
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Julia “Cookie” Ewing

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, arrives in London to find his oldest brother, King Edward IV, slowly dying as a result of overindulgence in “the good life.”  The ambitious, restless Richard sees an opportunity to attain the crown for himself.  Through Richard’s quest for the title of “king,” we discover that Richard is both the victim of circumstances and the commander of his own destiny.  This conflict is the force that gives the play its special energy and eternal fascination.

Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You
By Christopher Durang
Directed by Greg Krosnes

Sister Mary, winner of the Obie Award, is a biting, irreverent and uproariously funny satire that aims its barbs at religious fanaticism and strikes home with tragicomic results.  In the end amid the laughter, some devastating truths have been told.

The Actor’s Nightmare
By Christopher Durang
Directed by David Jilg

What is an accountant to do when he is suddenly pushed on stage to replace an injured actor?  He doesn’t know his lines, he isn’t even sure what play is being presented.  But his biggest question is, “When do I wake up from The Actor’s Nightmare?”

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