Season 6


Production Details

Little Miss Sunshine
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Rick Besoyan
Directed by Barry Fuller

Look for a sky of blue in the final performance of the season when the McCoy Theatre will, as lines from the show say, “take you back to a time when the world was much more simple than ours is today.  For instance, good meant good, bad meant bad, virtue was all, and justice, well, justice always triumphed; at least we like to think it was that way.”  This saga of Colorado is the perfect All-American musical to round out an All-American Season.  This gives us a sort of overview of American musical theatre since it is a show written in the fifties but is a spoof of the musicals written during the heyday of operetta at the turn of the century.  You will lovingly and laughingly recognize the characters populating this production.

The Children’s Hour
By Lillian Hellman
Directed by Julia Ewing

From the pen of the Alabama author that gave us The Little Foxes and Another Part of the Forrest comes this classic.  The Children’s Hour premiered in 1934 but its subject matter is timeless and Ms. Hellman’s drama will keep you riveted from moment to moment as you watch the devastation which can result from a lie.  It is the story of two young school teachers and good friends, Karen and Martha, whose lives, as well as the school they’ve built through patient labor and self-sacrifice, are destroyed by the lies of one vindictive and spoiled child.  As both an engrossing drama and a study of abnormal psychology, it is one of Lillian Hellman’s greatest contributions to the American theatre.

The Hitchhikers
By Larry Ketron
Directed by Jeffrey A. Posson

The vivid characters and events in the fiction of Eudora Welty, perhaps Mississippi’s most prominent author, lend themselves well to the stage.  Larry Ketron has successfully transposed this story from one genre to another.  The Hitchhikers is a wistful and haunting tale of one rainy night set deep in the Mississippi Delta, not so very far from here in time or in space.  With more than one allusion to Memphis in it, The Hitchhikers is a play filled with people and places and feelings we know.

Wonderful Town
Music by Leonard Bernstein
Directed by Tony Lee Garner

The McCoy Theatre opens Season 6 with one of Bernstein’s (and Broadway’s) best from 1953.  Starring Rosalind Russell, it was hailed as the most original, witty, and fresh musical of the season.  Based on Ruth McKenney’s “My Sister Eileen,” it is the tale of young Ruth Sherwood, who loses every potential suitor to her younger sister Eileen.  Her real rival is the wonderful town, New York City, itself.  The play comes close to being a love song to that city’s Greenwich Village, not as it was but, as one reviewer said, how it ought to have been.  Wonderful Town is quintessential American musical comedy.

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