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Cowardly Custard
By Noel Coward
Directed by Tony Lee Garner

Noel Coward was on of the most creative theatrical personalities of our time.  His plays, his performances, his films, his music and his lyrics have entertained enlightened and thoroughly charmed audience without interruption for practically all of this century.  This revue contains music from Bitter-Sweet, Sail Away, and Cavalcade.  Unforgettable sons will play on your heart strings.

Nicholas Nickelby
By Charles Dickens
Adapted by The Royal Shakespeare Company
Producing Director: Tony Lee Garner
Directed by: Barry Fuller
Associate Directors: Julia Ewing, Jerry Chipman, Bennett Wood

The collective genius of one of the world’s leading theatrical companies, the RSC, is probably the most persuasive accounting of this epic production’s enormous success.  The limited run in New York played to sold-out houses (at $100.00 a ticket).  You will be treated, in two evenings or two matinees, to an enthralling stage picture of the loveable and lamentable Dickensian characters whose lives and adventures will move you to laugh at them, mourn for them and finally embrace them as timeless images of mankind.  The cast of this opening McCoy Theatre production is one of the most astounding talented companies of performers ever assembled in Memphis.

The Rivals
By Richard Sheridan
Directed by Betty Ruffin

This was the first play of Sheridan’s and was performed at Covent Garden in 1775.  It was immensely popular and has been constantly revived.  This Dublin-born writer’s character, Mrs. Malaprop, is a microcosm of the brilliant comic satire of The Rivals.  The ability of Sheridan to transpose some of the grimmer facts of 18th century family life into a comic tone makes this play enlightening as well as entertaining.  The plot of this comedy is a time-tested success.  A set of misunderstandings and mistaken identities make this play fun for the ear and its period costumes will make it fun for the eye as well.

Twelfth Night
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Julia Ewing

This delightful comedy has as one of its sources a ply called The Deceived.  Indeed, deceit is the prevailing mover in Twelfth Night.  The comic sub-plot of the play, involving Malvolio, Maria, Sir Toby, and Sir Andrew became so popular that, for a time, the play was commonly call ‘Malvolio.’  Although Shakespeare makes no overt references to the season of Epiphany, the title certainly uses that season, with its culminating twelfth day (Feast of Fools) as an excuse to play with reality and the feeling of abandon.  Presented by the newly formed McCoy Company, audiences are assured of a riotous Twelfth Night, albeit in the month of May.

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