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Beyond Therapy
By Christopher Durang
Directed by Tony Lee Garner

Mr. Durang, creator of Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You, wags his witty and sardonic tongue in this zany satire about contemporary relationships.  Two lonely people seek the help of another by answering one of those “personal” ads only to find out that the person they meet is also in desperate need of help.  Add to the mix their two wacko psychiatrists (everybody has one, you know) and then hold on to your sides as you laugh, as we laugh at ourselves.

Love’s Labour’s Lost
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Gavin Cameron-Webb

There is really nothing in the entire opus of the Bard which speaks so directly to a subject so dear to the hearts of all writers, language, as does this play.  William C. Carroll calls it “The Great Feast of Language.”  Cleverly and adroitly clothed in a thoroughly delightful love story this play is a veritable banquet for language lovers and an evening of great fun for everyone.  Four young men fall in love with four young women but make great difficulties for themselves.  One old man falls in love with one young woman and creates difficulties, inadvertently, for everyone.  Beauty, love, and laughter are all described in unrivaled language.

Summer and Smoke
By Tennessee Williams
Directed by Gene Crain

On July 12, 1984 two historical markers were dedicated by Memphis theatre critic Edwin Howard honoring Tennessee Williams.  One marker is at the Snowden and University entrance to Rhodes College.  It tells of Mr. Williams’ introduction to the writings of Checkhov in what was then the Southwestern library.  The other marker is at 1780 Glenview and contains a list of the cast in the first production of William’s first play, Cairo, Shanghai, Bombay, in 1935.  In 1948 Summer and Smoke opened on Broadway and now in 1984 the McCoy Theatre is pleased to present the first of what we plan to be many productions of the plays of Tennessee Williams.  Summer and Smoke is a beautifully written, touching play about a woman who plays every role in life but the one she really wants to play.  Alma Winemiller, daughter of a southern minister, is another of the brilliantly carved Tennessee Williams characters.  It is a play worth seeing again and again.

The Gondoliers
By Gilbert and Sullivan
Directed by Barry Fuller
Musical Direction by Tony Lee Garner

The witty English duo is enjoying a justifiable resurgence of interest in their works.  The Gondoliers was written following one of the many famous squabbles between these two collaborators.  Sullivan was miffed because he thought his musical contributions were unappreciated.  So we find in The Gondoliers more music than is contained in any other of their operettas.  Set in Venice, the historical seat of republicanism, Gilbert has a heyday with “republican fallacies” and royal foibles while Sullivan sets the words to his most gracious and beautiful vocal writing.  The youthful exuberance of the cast, score and story is happily infectious.

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