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Another Part of the Forest
By Lillian Hellman
Directed by Betty Ruffin

This play is about the Hubbard family and takes place twenty years before the members emerge in, and as, The Little Foxes.  It was directed for Broadway in 1946 by Miss Hellman with Patricia Neal as the young Regina, the role played on stage recently by Elizabeth Taylor in Foxes and earlier in films by Bette Davis.  Turning the table on a tyrant has always made for high drama, and when Hellman puts her brilliant talents to work on this theme the result is a play of great theatrical intensity.

Music and Lyrics by Bob Merrill
Book by Michael Stewart
Directed by Tony Lee Garner

Carnival was the second Broadway show staged by Gower Champion.  It opened in the spring of 1961 and Howard Taubman of the Times called the musical, “flashy, eye filling.”  Carnival is based on the 1953 film Lili and yields among its beautiful songs “Love Makes the World Go Round” and “Mira,” the latter written to showcase the vocal talents of Anna Maria Alberghetti.

The Crucible
By Arthur Miller
Directed by Julia Ewing

Cries of “Witch! Witch!” terrorized the citizens of seventeenth century Salem as did cries of “Red! Red!” during the nightmare of the McCarthy era.  Arthur Miller gives us a chilling view of the evils of such an intolerant hysteria in The Crucible.  “Mr. Miller’s plays are rooted in a realistically critical view of American life and propelled by the intense personal conviction of a man who cares what he writes about and writes about something that matters.”

The Tempest
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Benett Wood

Shakespeare’s autumnal comedy that glows with his mature insights into young love and the redemptive power of forgiveness.  Guest director Bennett Wood promises a production filled with magic and mystery enhanced by an original musical score by Tony Lee Garner.

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