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The Tempest

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Cookie Ewing

Mystery + Magic = The Tempest.
A tempest within ourselves...
A tempest of power, love, betrayal.
A tempest of teaching, learning, discovering.
A tempest that leads us to an understanding, a peace.

Tongue of a Bird

By Ellen McLaughlin
Directed by Wes Meador ’00

This “emotionally powerful…and intensely satisfying” play deals with the consideration of the notions of loss, motherhood and the vexed yearning for release.


By Alfred Jarry
Translated by Barbara Wright
Directed by Chris Davis ’89

One of the most excessive political caricatures, Ubu Roi ranks as one of the most original and powerful burlesques of all time. The play deals with the cruelty of despots and the stupidity of the human condition. It is timeless, placeless, and it shamelessly displays what civilization tries hard to hide.

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