Information for Students


Current and recent Theatre students discuss the discipline:

“Art is the realization of the scholastic ideals pursued by a liberal arts institution. We are the place where the ideas move out of books and into the world, realized by students for students. Through the arts we are granted concrete examples of the most difficult question asked by our college education, namely what it means to be a human being.”
Jason Hansen ‘08

“Life moves us at an alarming rate. We are unable to catch most of it before it has gone by. But theatre exists because people make an agreement that they want to stop time and see a complete moment. Our life is too fast, but it is also too small. We need to take a piece of the world, magnify it in performance, and examine its relation to our lives and our interesting worlds.”
Morgan McCrary ‘05

“Theatre is about communication; it is the only one of the arts that communicates to all the senses. Theatre looks and sounds and smells and touches and feels, but most importantly theatre speaks. It speaks directly and immediately to anyone brave enough to come in and listen, and through it any one person can access the entire human spectrum in all of its diversity and speak whatever must be said. What better tool to give a student of the world, a student who studies humanity as intensely as Rhodes students are asked to, than such easy access to the whole gamut of human expression?”
Jonathan Wigand ‘08

“Human activity of all sorts is inherently theatrical. If we do not study theatre, we cannot fully understand what we do in day-to-day life, or why we do it.”
Prof. David Mason

“A lot of the shows we do at the McCoy relate to other disciplines. Doing La caja misteriosa in Spanish helped my pronunciation a lot, especially since I didn’t speak any Spanish before that. It also helped all of us to learn about Mexican culture and tradition. Seeing how a simple show could affect people so strongly was a little bit of a shock to me, but it was an amazing experience.”
Lindsay Johnson ‘08

“In every class I have taken here at Rhodes, I have drawn from my background in the arts to bring a different understanding and a new perspective on the subject. Art is a reflection of life; yet knowing and understanding are vastly different things. I knew the stories of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, but watching the play supplemented the text with a true understanding of the emotions and the characters. Knowing history, psychology, politics, socioeconomics, or philosophy gives a partial understanding, but art allows a real understanding of these subjects and their role and effects on humanity.”
Alicia Buxton ‘08

“People are the only creatures on earth who consciously engage in artistic pursuits—one never sees bears putting on a play, or toads painting landscapes. Moreover, art reflects the human experience by illustrating scenes or events significant to our species. Thus, the arts not only are connected to all other disciplines, but also embody everything uniquely human.”
Shannon King ‘09

“Theatre forces you into a community, often with others whom you are normally not inclined to socialize. Then you are forced to learn about each other and know each other intimately, opening yourself to true connectedness. Sure, you learn to work as a team, but when it all comes together—actors, set, lighting—you have created something never before created. This experience takes you outside the normal, self-interested person you are and allows you to take part in something larger than yourself and your individual desires.”
Andrew Whaley ‘08