West TN Alum Brad Priester Promotes Healthy Eating for Good Eye Health

a generic picture of a woman grinning while holding an apple over one of her eyes

Dr. Brad Priester, a 1986 Rhodes alumnus and retinal surgeon in Jackson, Tenn., sees first-hand the effects conditions such as diabetes and obesity have on the eye. He is featured in a West Medical News article about his mission to promote healthy eating habits through education, practice, and his mouthplague.com website. 

“I am an avid supporter of local organic farmers,” he says in the article. “If you don’t think you can afford to eat organically, then just eliminate white foods from your diet such as flour, rice, potatoes and sugar. That will knock out about 99 percent of processed and fast foods.” Read more

While studying biochemistry at Rhodes, Priester served as the student coordinator for the Kinney Program for community service and also says, “I cannot imagine having an education that would prepare you any better to be a doctor than Rhodes.”