Top Five Hidden Resources on Campus

Freaking about your future, anxious over an assignment, or stuck on studying abroad? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Rhodes has plenty of people and places that can help get you through, if you know where to find them. 

1. Math Library 
If calculus has you feeling down, the Math Library is for you. This cozy space on the second floor of Ohlendorf is a great place to hunker down and get your work done. Even if you aren’t a numbers person, take advantage of this great study spot.

2. Writing Center
Got a bad case of writer’s block? Head to the Writing Center. Located on the first floor of the library, student writing fellows are on hand to help you with constructing a thesis, correcting a comma, and everything in between. 

3. The Study Abroad Office 
This writer believes that every college student should study abroad, and this office is the place to start. A team of experts (that’s right, real adults with jobs) can let you know your options and help you work out the kinks before sending you off on the best adventure of your life. Visit them in the basement of Burrow Hall. 

4. Alumni Relations Office
Even though it is a bit of a walk (the office is in King Hall, next door to Evergreen), it’s definitely worth the trek. Schedule an informational interview, find connections in your field, or even search for alumni working in the city of your dreams. With their help, your future is just a well-worded e-mail away.  

5. Computer Depot
When your technology inevitably fails you, walk (or, let’s face it, sprint) over to the Computer Depot at the Library Help Desk. Rhodes’ personal team of Geniuses can rid your device of viruses, repair software issues, and solve your network connectivity problems, getting you back to the excitement of writing papers faster than you ever thought possible. And that’s the dream, right?