Top 5 Hot Weather Treats

As the weather gets warmer, those paper deadlines inch a bit closer, and finals close in upon us, take a break and #treatyoself to one of Memphis’ favorite frozen delicacies.

La Michoacana
For a unique ice cream experience, La Michoacana offers a new twist on a childhood classic. With these Mexican popsicles, known as Las Paletas, you can experience that same thrill once brought to you by a PowerPuff Girl popsicle. Popular flavors include pistachio and mango, but dozens of colorful flavors are displayed underneath the glass countertop. For the less adventurous types like myself, La Michoacana offers big tubs full of homemade ice cream flavors such as strawberries and cream (my personal favorite) and Nutella. The portions are huge, the prices are reasonable, and the ice cream is unlike any other found in Memphis.

Sweet Noshings
Famous for their glass jars full of colorful jelly beans and rows of sweet and savory popcorn offerings, Sweet Noshings also boasts a delicious selection of ice cream. Located in Overton Square, this recently opened candy store functions as a home away from home for the sugar-obsessed like myself. With flavors such as salted caramel gelato and coffee and cream, this adorable candy store’s wide assortment of ice cream is hard to beat.

Jerry’s Sno Cones
Despite its finicky hours and slightly lackluster location, Jerry’s stands as an essential part of the Rhodes experience. Forget your basic snow cone flavors like cherry and grape—Jerry’s offers an array of quirky flavors, including wedding cake (I swear it’s delicious, despite its oddly bright red hue) and dreamsicle. With finals quickly approaching, there’s nothing like a study break at Jerry’s, complete with a full Styrofoam cup of ice cream surrounded by flavored shaved ice. After riding the lynx and climbing the geodome, make sure to add Jerry’s to your college bucket list.

Owned and operated by a Rhodes alumnus, it’s almost impossible to enter YoLo without seeing at least 3 people you know. YoLo is by far my favorite ice cream hotspot in Memphis, as is demonstrated by the amount of money I’ve spent on strawberry froyos with excessive amounts of toppings over the past three years. While the self-service froyo shops have become ubiquitous, YoLo stands out to me due to its delicious homemade whipped cream and cookie dough. I mean, honestly, who can resist a delicious frozen yogurt from a store that further perpetuates my love for obnoxious acronyms?

Café Eclectic
While most people think of this cozy café as a place to grab coffee and cram for their next exam, I head there for the best milkshakes in town. With a wide array of choices, you can choose the basics, like mint chocolate chip or strawberry, but you can’t hit up this Rhodes hotspot without trying the monster shake. First you chose your ice cream flavor, and then you’re given a choice of any homemade cookie found in Café Eclectic′s bakery. Combine these two, add some whipped cream and a cherry on top, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Take it from me—I am an ice cream expert, after all.