Sallie Handley ′14

Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Major: Business
Minor: Spanish

Academic interests/passions: I want to pursue a career in health care administration. I’m fascinated by the logistics behind health care and also the administration and management side of business. Rhodes has so many opportunities to work with community partners to foster a holistic approach to education through experiential learning.

Extracurricular activities: Rhodes Student Government, Common Table, Rhodes Student Associate Program (Counseling Center), Kappa Delta Sorority, Financial Management Association, Rho Lambda, Order of Omega, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa

Tell the story of how you got to Rhodes College.

I first toured Rhodes as an 8th grader with my brother, who is three years older than me and was looking at colleges. After only 20 minutes on this campus, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this culture and atmosphere. While I definitely considered other schools, I think I always knew that Rhodes was where I needed to be.

How have you changed since beginning your studies at Rhodes College?

In high school, I didn’t think I had unique skills to contribute and wasn’t very confident in myself. However, Rhodes has helped me develop into a confident, driven, independent individual through challenging classwork, extensive extracurricular opportunities, encouraging support, and cherished relationships. Due in large part to my involvement with RSG and Common Table, I have learned that I have the ability to make a genuine difference, inspire others to action, and bring about change.

What inspired you to run for RSG president?

I have to give a lot of credit to my older brother, who walked me to the RSG Information Session freshman year and told me that I was going to run for Senator. Luckily, I took his advice and have loved it ever since. Having served on student government for the past three years, I’ve seen how much the constituents of Rhodes College value the student voice and have observed the potential for a more intentional and effective student leadership. I’ve also learned that we can all help improve this institution and the Rhodes College experience. I want to help Rhodes Student Government think more broadly and creatively, have a greater impact, and inspire others to act.

What aspects of student life would you like to change or improve upon next year?

I would like to focus on some long-term goals regarding improving student life and the student experience as a whole. Using some of the initiatives resulting from Common Table as well as some of RSG’s own initiatives, I want to see a more aligned campus among all constituent groups with a student-centered focus to motivate us all. As a senate, we determined that the three major factors we want to focus on in the coming year are inclusivity on campus, improved student/faculty relationships, and the fairness of the academic system. Ideally, I plan to see RSG working towards fostering a life-changing experience for every member of the Rhodes community.

How do you think your experience as RSG president will help you in the future?

In addition to learning about myself and how to work most effectively with others, serving as RSG president will help me practice and refine leadership, communication, networking, and organizational skills that I will need in the future. I want to work in health care, and devoting time to promoting the interests of others, motivating those with whom I work, and focusing on long-term goals that can genuinely make a difference will help prepare me for the administrative side of health care. Additionally, I know this experience will only deepen my connection to Rhodes, and I’ll be able to meet a lot of successful, hard-working individuals from whom I can learn a lot.