Rhodes Represented at American Chemical Society National Organic Symposium

Chemistry professors Roberto de la Salud Bea, Kimberly Brien, and Dana Horgen recently attended the American Chemical Society National Organic Symposium at the University of Maryland.

Rhodes also was represented at the conference by five students who presented the following research:

  • Luke Embury ’16 and Aashray Singareddy ’16-“Synthesis of Unnatural Amino Acids and Their Introduction Into the Structure of Peptides with Potential Antibiotic Activity”
  • Madhuri Prasad ’16–“Synthesis of Boronic Acid Intermediates to Obtain Derivatives of Suberoylanilide Hydroxamic Acid”
  • Quentin Buck ’16–“Design of Amino Acids for the Synthesis of Unnatural Peptides with Antibiotic Acitivity”
  • Adam Petraglia ’15-“Synthesis and Biological Activity of IsCT Peptide Analogs from Scorpion Venom”