Prof. Kronenberg to Headline Three Conferences, One at the Sorbonne in Paris

a headshot of a white male near a stone building
Dr. Felix A. Kronenberg

Dr. Felix A. Kronenberg, who directs the German Studies program and the Language Learning Center at Rhodes, will give the keynote address at three conferences this fall, including the Rassemblement National Higher Education Language Centres conference at the Université Paris-Sorbonne in France Nov. 24-26. He will present “From Language Lab to Language Center and Beyond: The Past, Present and Future of Language Learning Center Design.”

Prior to that event, Kronenberg will make presentations at the Maryland Foreign Language Association Conference to be held Oct. 21-22 and the New England Regional Association for Language Learning Technology Conference Oct. 27-28.

Kronenberg’s research and professional interests include the design of physical, virtual, and hybrid learning spaces, digital storytelling, and blended learning. He currently serves as president-elect of the International Association for Language Learning and Technology.