Prof. Keller’s New Book Tells How the Tourism Industry Altered the Alps

the blue front cover of the book being described in the article with an image of male and female mountaineers
The front cover of Dr. Keller's new book

Dr. Tait Keller of Rhodes’ Department of History has published a new book titled Apostles of the Alps. According to the book’s site, the Alps were regarded as a place of solace from industrial development in the mid-nineteenth century. However, “Apostles of the Alps,” the German and Austrian mountaineers who sought to modernize the high frontier, began altering the natural landscape with trails and lodges. Massive construction projects carved the mountainside with roads and railways, much to the despair of conservationists and climbers alike.

Keller, who also is director of the Environmental Studies and Sciences Program at Rhodes, examines in his book the environmental crusades that shaped modern Central European society and how the tourism industry eventually altered the Alps. Learn more

Also on Jan. 25 on campus, Keller will present a lecture related to his book.