The Pack Looking to Another Big Year

a diverse crowd of students cheering and throwing various spirit gear items around

In 2011, students that wanted to rally Rhodents together to encourage their peers competing in various sports founded The Pack. Acting as Rhodes’ “voice from the stands,” the group continues to unify the student audience by offering free giveaways, advertising athletic events and news, and organizing the students together in the crowd. Conversely, the club hopes the teams benefit from the Pack, as they push them to put forth their best efforts.

To increase event attendance, the Pack works with fellow student organizations to co-sponsor events, coordinates scheduling of other school activities with administration, and even works with local businesses to fund the distribution of free Rhodes paraphernalia, such as tee shirts, to the students. The club is known for hosting popular events, including the PTroutt-Outt, a President Troutt-inspired, bowtie-themed basketball game, and the Lighting of the Field ceremony to celebrate the improved football field and introduce the new school mascot, Leroy. (Check out the full video of the celebration.)

Club president Becky Kempf ’17 and Patrick Leavey ’17, vice president, are planning similarly exciting events for the upcoming school year. The Pack will begin featuring a Fan of the Game, which will reward prizes to the most outstanding fan in the audience. “Also, this is our last PTroutt-Outt, because President Troutt is retiring,” says Kempf.  “So we’re going to put a lot of energy into this year’s game and we’re hoping for a big turnout.” The Pack will be unveiling some new marketing strategies this year, including unveiling a new logo. For updates, follow the Pack on Facebook, and stay tuned!

By Drew McCormick ’18